Container Transport

Container Transportation;

Container sizes are standardized in five different length containers;

has been determined.

Container capacity is the volume value;

The equivalent of 20 feet container is specified as TEU.

The gross weight of a 20 feet container is 24 tons

This value is 30,480 tons for 40 feet container.

30 years of knowledge and experience with all our specialist team within Turkey, accompanied by all your containers, ports, warehouses and factories y√ľkletip can give trouble-free service.

Our experienced personnel are always in contact with you during loading and unloading and provide information about the status of your cargo.

Time is important in container transportation. It is very important to deliver the container from the factory to the port or from the port to the ship as soon as possible in the time when cash is delayed. At this stage, our company can make all your loads on time and insured with the right planning.

With secured container transport

  • From domestic customs to another domestic customs,
  • Customs at the exit gate
  • From a customs gate to the other customs gate,
  • We provide a customs clearance service to domestic customs.